Waiting For The Bitcoin Bull Run To Resume? Here’s The Indicator To Watch For

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The bullish momentum of the Bitcoin terms has dwindled implicit the past fewer weeks, putting the progression of the crypto bull rhythm into question. On Friday, April 12, the crypto marketplace witnessed a flash crash, causing the premier cryptocurrency’s worth to drop from $70,000 to beneath $67,000.

This latest downturn underscores the conflict of the Bitcoin terms to instrumentality to its caller all-time precocious of $73,737, which was forged successful mid-March. On-chain analytics level Santiment has identified a peculiar Bitcoin metric that whitethorn awesome the resumption of the bull run.

Bitcoin Bull Run May Resume If This Metric Falls

In a caller post connected X, blockchain quality steadfast Santiment provided an breathtaking penetration into the existent rhythm and the terms show of Bitcoin. The steadfast pinpointed the Mean Dollar Invested Age metric arsenic 1 of the indicators to ticker arsenic the marketplace person moves sideways.

According to Santiment, the Mean Dollar Invested Age metric tracks the mean property of concern successful an plus that has sat successful the aforesaid wallet. When this indicator is rising, it means that investments are getting much stagnant and aged coins are being held successful the aforesaid wallets.

Conversely, a decreasing Mean Dollar Invested Age metric implies that investments are flowing backmost into regular circulation. This “falling line” besides suggests an summation successful web activity.  


A illustration showing Bitcoin's Mean Dollar Invested Age | Source: Santiment/X

From a humanities perspective, Bitcoin exhibited a falling Mean Dollar Invested Age enactment during the erstwhile bull cycles. According to Santiment, this has been the lawsuit for the premier cryptocurrency successful the existent bull run, which kicked disconnected successful precocious October 2023. 

The on-chain analytics platform, however, noted that Bitcoin’s Mean Dollar Invested Age enactment has been moving sideways implicit the past mates of weeks. This improvement is adjacent much shocking, considering that the highly-anticipated halving lawsuit is astir a week away.

The Bitcoin halving volition spot the miners’ reward slashed successful fractional (from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC). It is simply a bullish event that has contributed to the optimistic outlook – borne by astir investors – for the premier cryptocurrency successful 2024.

From Santiment’s latest report, investors mightiness privation to support their eyes peeled for the Bitcoin Mean Dollar Invested Age metric. And the bull tally is apt to continue if the BTC’s Mean Dollar Invested Age enactment resumes its fall, which would connote that large stakeholders (like whales) are backmost to moving coins into regular circulation.

BTC Price At A Glance

As of this writing, Bitcoin is trading astir $66,548, reflecting a notable 6% terms diminution successful the past 24 hours.


Bitcoin terms falls beneath $67,000 connected the regular timeframe | Source: BTCUSDT illustration connected TradingView

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