Bullish Resurgence: Analyst Predicts Where Dogecoin Price Will Be On DOGE Day

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A crypto expert has revealed what to expect from Dogecoin’s (DOGE) price connected April 20, which happens to beryllium DOGE day. This analyst’s bullish prediction undoubtedly adds to the excitement arsenic the DOGE community gears up for the peculiar occasion. 

DOGE’s Price To Hit $0.26 On Doge Day

Crypto expert Myles G mentioned successful an X (formerly Twitter) post that terms models foretell DOGE volition scope a minimum terms level of $0.26 connected April 20. The expert further revealed that this terms prediction would beryllium actualized by “4:20 p.m. EST.” Myles G added that the “next concealed prediction” would beryllium revealed erstwhile this people was reached.  

DOGE hitting $0.26 volition correspond a important terms summation from its existent level and looks attainable, considering that the anticipation astir Doge Day is expected to supply bullish momentum for the meme coin. Moreover, the Bitcoin Halving could besides autumn connected April 20, with this lawsuit apt to origin DOGE and different crypto tokens to grounds awesome terms gains. 

There is besides the likelihood that DOGE’s bullish momentum could widen beyond DOGE Day owed to Coinbase’s listing of DOGE futures acceptable to instrumentality spot connected April 29. This lawsuit is undoubtedly bullish for the meme coin since it could further grow its adoption and origin caller wealth to travel into its ecosystem. 

Meanwhile, though Myles G failed to supply insights into wherever DOGE’s terms whitethorn beryllium headed aft it hits $0.26, different crypto expert suggested that the meme coin could emergence to arsenic precocious arsenic $0.40 this month. 

A determination of specified magnitude volition correspond much than a 100% terms summation for the foremost meme coin conscionable this month. Such a terms summation could besides assistance DOGE solidify its spot successful the apical 10 by marketplace cap, arsenic it faces stiff competition from different crypto tokens beneath it. 

Bitcoin is present trading astatine $67.482. Chart: TradingView

Time To Buy DOGE

In a consequent X post, Myles G reaffirmed his bullishness connected DOGE, advising his followers to bargain the meme coin and convey him aboriginal erstwhile they marque important returns. Based connected several terms predictions, DOGE has the imaginable to beryllium 1 of the starring gainers successful this bull run, arsenic crypto analysts hold that it could rise to arsenic precocious arsenic $1.

Crypto expert Don Alt was among those who predicted that DOGE could emergence to that terms level. To stress his bullishness connected the meme coin, helium stated that DOGE was a amended concern than Bitcoin. As portion of his analysis, Don Alt besides suggested that the meme coin could emergence supra $1 and spot a further terms surge to $2. 

At the clip of writing, DOGE is trading astatine astir $0.17, down implicit 13% successful the past 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

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