More NFT Holders On Blur Are Taking Loans, Not Trading

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Recent on-chain information reveals that Blur, the peer-to-peer, zero-fee non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace and aggregator, is present much fashionable for facilitating loans than trading.

A study compiled by DappRadar showed that Blur’s NFT indebtedness volumes roseate from 4,200 ETH (or astir $7.6 million) to 169,900 ETH (or $308 million) successful little than a month. All loans were processed done the Blur Lending protocol called Blend that was launched connected May 1, 2023.

Further information reveals that NFT trading volumes person been shrinking arsenic enactment shifts to lending since aboriginal May. Trackers amusement that much NFT holders are creating accounts and taking loans backed with their assets.

From May 1, Blur’s NFT indebtedness trading volumes roseate implicit 39X successful 22 days, pushing the protocol’s dominance successful the NFT Loaning assemblage adjacent higher.

DappRadar shows that implicit 80% of each NFT-backed loans are present facilitated done Blend.

Blend Is Behind Blur’s Rising TVL

According to the NFT marketplace, Blend is simply a peer-to-peer lending protocol created by Blur.

In this way, users tin get loans successful ETH astatine immoderate clip utilizing what would different beryllium idle but invaluable integer NFTs.

Blend works by matching borrowers with lenders. In this arrangement, the borrower specifies the magnitude of ETH they privation to get and the NFT they privation to involvement arsenic collateral.

The lender determines the involvement complaint they privation to indebtedness their ETH for. If a lucifer is struck, the woody is sealed and the transportation is effected, trustlessly.

Blend accepts immoderate listed NFT arsenic collateral and the lender tin extremity up owning the NFT if the borrower fails to wage up.

According to DeFiLlama data, Blur’s full worth locked (TVL) stands astatine implicit $143 million, a steep emergence from the $23 cardinal registered successful aboriginal January. The near-exponential emergence successful TVL coincides with the motorboat of the BLUR token.

 BLURUSDT On OKX, TradingViewBLUR Price On May 26| Source: BLURUSDT On OKX, TradingView

This incentivized participation, forcing the full fig of assets nether absorption to implicit $100 million. The fig continues to rise, rising to implicit $147 million, the highest level, connected May 24.

CryptoPunks, Milady Maker, And Azuki Are Popular NFTs

Blur is successful the incentivization signifier of its “Season 2,” aiming to promote much NFT listing. 

The NFT aggregator and marketplace has acceptable speech 300 cardinal BLUR to reward traders who database their NFTs connected the platform. 

Although these incentives person accrued trading and TVL, DappRadar reports that determination person been “wash trading” cases, with much than 1,900 wallet addresses identified arsenic engaging successful the vice.

While enactment shifts to lending, lenders similar to indebtedness to owners of CryptoPunks, Milady Maker, and Azuki NFTs. Specifically, borrowers who locked their Azuki and CryptoPunks NFTs person received a full of 70,031 ETH and 34,960 ETH, respectively.

Meanwhile, considering the low floor terms of Milady Maker of 3.4 ETH has seen 22,510 ETH of loans dispersed.

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