Another $2.5m Max Win on Bitcasino as It Celebrates 10-Year Milestone

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PRESS RELEASE. February 7th, 2024, London, UK — The huge, max triumph prize dropped connected Gates of Bitcasino, an exclusive crippled from Pragmatic Play created for Bitcasino players. Gates of Bitcasino is based connected the classical slot rubric Gates of Olympus™.

Lightning Strikes Twice

This latest triumph comes blistery connected the heels of a $42 cardinal grounds jackpot that was won connected Bitcasino’s sister site, That jackpot was the largest to ever beryllium won connected an online slot, and the fortunate subordinate was capable to retreat their winnings rapidly and securely successful little than 90 seconds.

Jacqueline Neo, Head of Bitcasino stated:

“What a mode to observe 10 years of Bitcasino! We couldn’t beryllium happier to spot this max triumph landing connected an exclusive crippled that can’t beryllium played anyplace else. A immense congratulations to the fortunate player, and each those who won large prizes implicit the past year. We’re looking guardant to much winners, and the adjacent decennary of game-changing enactment present astatine Bitcasino.”

Both Bitcasino and are rapidly gathering a estimation arsenic the places to triumph the biggest online casino jackpots. In 2023, an unthinkable 14 large wins successful excess of $1 cardinal were won by Bitcasino players.

Watch a replay of the winning rotation here.

10 Years and No Sign of Slowing

The timing of the $2.5 cardinal max triumph couldn’t person been better, arsenic Bitcasino marks 10 years since it changed the crippled by launching arsenic the world’s archetypal licensed crypto casino backmost successful 2014.

Since then, Bitcasino has built a estimation arsenic the astir trusted and amusive spot to play – with overmuch much to travel successful 2024.

About Bitcasino

Founded successful 2014 arsenic portion of the Yolo Group, Bitcasino is an award-winning crypto casino. With a VIP programme that combines globe-spanning events and impeccable day-to-day service, Bitcasino is the go-to prime for premium crypto casino experiences. Players reap the crypto benefits with withdrawal times averaging 1.5 minutes (the fastest successful the industry) and cutting-edge information measures.

Pioneering the mode for original, just rewards, Bitcasino has a custom-built loyalty programme that offers exclusive privileges, cashback and escaped spins. Award-winning promotional features similar the Bitcoin Predictor and the Casino Boost heighten players’ experience. Bitcasino offers implicit 4,000 slots and array games from the industry’s astir renowned providers – including the exclusive Bombay Live and Bitcasino slot games.

For much information, delight sojourn the authoritative Bitcasino website.

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