Trezor Issues Security Alert Following Phishing Attack and Data Breach

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Trezor Alerts Users to Phishing Risk After Security Breach

In a caller information alert, Trezor announced a breach successful its enactment ticketing system, perchance exposing the idiosyncratic interaction accusation of implicit 66,000 customers and raising the alarm for imaginable phishing attacks.

Trezor Alerts Users to Phishing Risk After Security Breach

Satoshilabs, the institution down the fashionable cryptocurrency hardware wallet Trezor, has issued a captious information alert. On January 17th, 2024, Trezor identified unauthorized entree to a third-party enactment ticketing portal, perchance compromising the interaction details of up to 66,000 customers.

The breach was archetypal detected astatine 20:20 CET, and Satoshilabs instantly took measures to forestall further unauthorized access. While the information of users’ integer assets remains intact, the incidental has raised concerns implicit the imaginable vulnerability of customers’ names and email addresses since December 2021.

In effect to the breach, Trezor has reached retired to each perchance affected users, informing them of accrued risks of phishing attacks targeting their betterment seeds. Although nary betterment effect phrases person been disclosed, 41 users were straight contacted by the malicious histrion via email, requesting delicate information.

Trezor’s interior audit indicates that, successful summation to the 66,000 perchance exposed users, 8 radical who created accounts connected their proceedings treatment level mightiness besides person their interaction details compromised.

The institution has emphasized the value of vigilance and cybersecurity champion practices successful airy of this incident. Trezor assures its customers that their hardware wallets and funds stay secure, reiterating that they volition ne'er inquire for betterment seeds done immoderate connection channels.

As a precaution, Trezor has urged each users to beryllium cautious of antithetic oregon suspicious interaction attempts and to verify the legitimacy of immoderate connection purportedly from Trezor Support.

The probe into the afloat scope of the information breach is ongoing, and Trezor is moving intimately with the third-party work supplier to resoluteness the issue. Affected users are encouraged to scope retired to Trezor’s enactment squad for immoderate concerns oregon to study suspicious activity.

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