dYdX community approves 20M token stake as network activity soars

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The dYdX assemblage approved staking 20 cardinal DYDX tokens arsenic a information measurement arsenic the protocol experiences a spike successful trading activity.

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The dYdX assemblage approved staking 20 cardinal DYDX tokens to fortify information arsenic the decentralized crypto speech (DEX) experiences a surge successful activity. 

The connection passed connected April 6 with 91.7% of votes successful favor, allowing tokens from the assemblage treasury worthy implicit $61 cardinal astatine existent prices to beryllium staked with liquid staking protocol Stride. According to dYdX, the determination is simply a effect to the increasing trading enactment connected the protocol:

“The complaint of DYDX being staked to validators has plateaued and deposits to the speech are increasing astatine a tremendous pace. Over $140M USDC is held successful dYdX v4, of which astir $100M arrived successful the past week.”

Staking is the process of locking cryptocurrency to enactment a blockchain network’s operations, similar processing transactions oregon validating caller blocks. Participants, oregon “stakers,” perpetrate their tokens arsenic stakes successful the network. In instrumentality for their work and the risks—such arsenic imaginable token worth fluctuation — stakers person rewards, often successful the signifier of further tokens.

Staking connection result. Source: Mintscan

By staking its autochthonal tokens, the DEX is seeking to shield its web from a imaginable power attack, akin to a 51% attack. This benignant of onslaught happens erstwhile a malicious entity gains power implicit a important magnitude of a blockchain’s hashing power, enabling the web to beryllium manipulated. Decentralizing voting powerfulness prevents specified attacks from occurring.

dYdX noted that its web architecture enables a script wherever an attacker, with conscionable one-third of the voting power, could intermission on-chain operations. Additionally, possessing two-thirds of the voting powerfulness could let specified actors to perchance misuse the funds of users and the assemblage wrong the dYdX Chain.

“Since the voting powerfulness contiguous is $456M, a malicious histrion indispensable lend astatine slightest $912M successful staked DYDX to instrumentality power of the protocol, which would let them to exploit idiosyncratic deposits and assemblage assets. This sounds similar a batch today, but it isn’t specified a precocious obstruction erstwhile we origin successful that lone 11.5% of the full proviso of DYDX are staked.”

Staking rewards connected dYdX accrue successful the stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) and are generated from the fees users wage to commercialized connected the protocol. Stride’s mechanics allows DYDX stakes to summation automatically implicit clip arsenic rewards are recompounded. For the staking service, the dYdX assemblage volition wage a 7.5% interest connected the staked position.

Data from DefiLlama shows dYdX full worth locked on-chain astatine $504.48 astatine the clip of writing. The web generated implicit $48.59 cardinal successful fees implicit the past 12 months.

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