Bancor Expands to Fantom!

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Bringing decentralized arbitrage and precocious trading capabilities to the Fantom Ecosystem

Jen Albert


Just 1 period aft making their debut connected Base, their archetypal Layer 2, Bancor technologies person swiftly expanded their beingness to the Fantom network! The Arb Fast Lane Protocol and the astute contracts powering Carbon DeFi are present operational connected Fantom, a highly flexible and businesslike web with a increasing decentralized concern (DeFi) ecosystem.

In November 2023, Bancor revealed its plans to license the astute contracts powering Carbon DeFi, marking a important pivot towards a B2B exemplary and a large turning constituent for the project. Since its inception successful 2017, Bancor has been astatine the forefront of DeFi innovation connected Ethereum, but the determination to licence Carbon DeFi’s astute contracts represents their archetypal task into technology licensing, highlighting a caller section successful their evolution.

This strategy acceptable the signifier for Bancor to spot its technologies deploy crossed multiple blockchains and allowed Velocimeter, the archetypal licensee, to pb the complaint successful bringing precocious orderbook-like features beyond Ethereum, archetypal connected Base and present Fantom. Velocimeter’s “Graphene” protocol introduces Fantom users to simple, yet blase trading done novel tools and capabilities surpassing those recovered successful accepted decentralized exchanges (DEXes).

Alongside Graphene’s deployments connected some Base and Fantom, Bancor launched the Arb Fast Lane Protocol, a first-of-its-kind model that facilitates businesslike bid execution connected Carbon DeFi and licensed 3rd enactment deployments. The Arb Fast Lane identifies and performs arbitrage trades utilizing Graphene created markets with its surrounding ecosystem. This blase trading bot launched connected Fantom with galore DEX liquidity sources already integrated, including the following:

  • Velocimeter
  • Graphene
  • Equalizer
  • HyperJump
  • KnightSwap
  • SoulSwap
  • SpookySwap
  • Sushiswap v2 and v3
  • WigoSwap
  • Beethoven X

The Arb Fast Lane requires importantly little method expertise than accepted methods, opening caller opportunities for the Fantom assemblage to participate successful automated arbitrage trading. This attack not lone broadens engagement by making arbitrage importantly much accessible but besides improves marketplace ratio for each participants. Those who tally the Arb Fast Lane earn astir 50% of the arbitrage, with the remainder fortifying the sustainability and maturation of the Bancor ecosystem.

For much connected the Arb Fast Lane Protocol and to go an integral portion of its ecosystem, sojourn the Website, Github, oregon Bancor Developers Telegram.

Dr. Mark Richardson, Bancor Project Lead

“The collaboration with Velocimeter to motorboat Graphene and the Arb Fast Lane connected Fantom is astir intricately weaving Fantom’s chiseled capabilities with our elaborate imaginativeness for a richer, much accessible DeFi landscape. It’s an unambiguous committedness to innovation successful ways that meaningfully heighten idiosyncratic experiences. By fusing Fantom’s reliable infrastructure with Carbon DeFi’s blase offerings, we make a DeFi realm wherever precision and adaptability are foundational, ensuring a aboriginal wherever fiscal empowerment tin beryllium discussed astatine the level of idiosyncratic users, alternatively than a shapeless conglomerate of protocol subscribers.”

Powered by Carbon DeFi

By licensing the usage of the astute declaration codification for Asymmetric Liquidity and Adjustable Bonding Curves, the bosom of Carbon DeFi, Velocimeter’s Graphene introduces the Fantom assemblage to precocious automated trading utilizing a assortment of caller order types.

  • Limit Orders: This classical instrumentality enables traders to acceptable nonstop bargain oregon merchantability prices, acting akin to a centralized exchange. No trading fees oregon state fees connected filled orders.
  • Range Orders: A standout diagnostic exclusive to Carbon DeFi — enables trades wrong circumstantial terms ranges, perfect for scaling in/out of a position. For example, “I privation to merchantability ETH from $4500-$5000”.
  • Recurring Orders: Carbon DeFi’s exclusive diagnostic streamlines trading by linking bargain and merchantability orders, automatically rotating your tokens betwixt them, akin to the mode a trading bot oregon grid trading would, simplifying analyzable scenarios and maximizing connected marketplace volatility. It enables continuous buying debased and selling high, allowing for token accumulation and nett compounding.
  • Overlapping Liquidity: The newest diagnostic allows you to make concentrated liquidity positions wrong immoderate terms scope successful a state businesslike manner. In opposition to prototypical concentrated liquidity models which person preset interest tiers, overlapping liquidity connected Carbon DeFi allows its creators to take their ain dispersed (AKA Fee).

Expanding Horizons

Bancor’s 2 astir caller technologies deploying into the Fantom web correspond a large advancement for the task and item its dedication to creating a broader, much efficient, and inclusive scope of liquidity options, on with innovative ways for users to prosecute with them.

For further accusation connected Bancor technologies, oregon obtaining a license of your own, delight scope retired astatine [email protected].

Disclaimer: Users are advised to workout caution and behaviour their ain owed diligence earlier engaging with immoderate DeFi projects. Bancor does not power the deployments oregon operations of 3rd parties who licence Bancor technology, and though Carbon DeFi has undergone 3 broad audits, determination is nary warrant that the codification itself oregon the protocols utilizing the exertion volition relation arsenic intended. Bancor does not warrant the information oregon information of, and this announcement is not an endorsement of, immoderate protocol.

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