Base hits $4B TVL as monthly txs outstrip Ethereum and Arbitrum

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Coinbase’s layer-2 web Base was the lone apical 5 Ethereum furniture 2 to spot a value-locked summation implicit the past 7 days.

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Base hits $4B TVL arsenic  monthly txs outstrip Ethereum and Arbitrum

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Crypto speech Coinbase’s Ethereum layer-2 blockchain Base has seen its full worth locked (TVL) surge by implicit 13.2% successful the past week to surpass $4 cardinal for the archetypal clip arsenic its 30-day transactions bushed retired Ethereum and its apical rival Arbitrum.

L2BEAT data updated connected April 7 shows Base’s full TVL astatine $4.15 billion, including $1.45 cardinal of canonically bridged worth — assets locked connected Ethereum to beryllium represented connected Base — and $2.7 cardinal successful natively minted assets.

Base is the 3rd largest Ethereum furniture 2 by TVL, beating fourth-place rival Blast by astir $1.4 cardinal and $3.5 cardinal down the second-place Optimism and $14.6 cardinal down person Arbitrum.

Base’s full TVL illustration with the divided betwixt canonically bridged funds (purple) and natively minted (pink). Source: L2BEAT

Base is the lone furniture 2 of the apical 5 by TVL to person posted a summation successful the past week. Starknet saw the biggest TVL nonaccomplishment astatine 10.2%, portion Optimism was down 9.1%, Arbitrum declined 5.5% and Blast shrunk 2.4%.

The Ethereum scaler’s TVL bump comes amid an enactment surge that’s seen its 30 time transaction count deed 50.34 million, surpassing Arbitrum's 40.1 cardinal and Ethereum's 37.9 million.

Base’s mean regular transactions per 2nd (TPS) jumped by 29.7% implicit the week and implicit the past time has averaged 35.19 TPS — ahigher than the combined TPS’ of rival furniture 2 Arbitrum and Ethereum, which saw respective scores of 16.61 and 13.91.

Base’s TPS (red) has consistently outstripped Ethereum (blue) for implicit 2 weeks. Source: L2BEAT

Meanwhile, Base has been 1 of the main beneficiaries of recent memecoin activity.  Base nwhere its meme token marketplace capitalization has reached implicit $1.6 billion, an implicit 13% leap implicit the past day, according to CoinGecko.

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Base’s popularity has, however, besides attracted scammers, arsenic the web saw an 18-fold increase successful palmy phishing scams from January to March — with $3.35 cardinal stolen past month.

Ethereum has focused its improvement efforts connected improving the blockchain’s quality to process layer-2 transaction data, arsenic exampled by its March 13 Dencun update, which has lowered furniture 2 transaction fees.

Meanwhile, furniture 2’s similar Base could summation further from Ethereum’s shortcomings, with VanEck analysts estimating the network’s scaling ecosystem would deed a $1 trillion marketplace capitalization by 2030.

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