Ripple Asks Judge to Deny SEC’s New Discovery Requests Concerning XRP

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Ripple Asks Judge to Deny SEC's New Discovery Requests Concerning XRP — Says They're Untimely, Irrelevant, Burdensome

Ripple Labs has opposed the requests by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for post-compliant find concerning XRP. Ripple argued that the regulator’s requests are “untimely” and “the SEC has failed to warrant each of its requests connected the merits.” Moreover, the crypto steadfast stated that “the accusation the SEC seeks has nary bearing connected the court’s remedies determination.”

SEC Seeks More Information From Ripple Regarding XRP

In effect to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s question to compel definite post-compliant find regarding XRP, Ripple Labs sent a missive to Judge Sarah Netburn connected Friday, firmly opposing the SEC’s requests.

The SEC wants Ripple to nutrient audited fiscal statements for 2022 and 2023 arsenic good arsenic each post-complaint contracts for the merchantability oregon transportation of XRP to non-employee counterparties. The bureau besides demands Ripple reply an interrogatory astir the magnitude of “XRP organization income proceeds” received aft the ailment filing for definite contracts.

In the missive to Judge Netburn, Ripple’s ineligible counsel explained that the crypto steadfast opposes the SEC’s requests for 2 main reasons. “First, they are untimely,” the counsel stated, emphasizing that the SEC “had ample accidental to question overmuch of the requested find portion information find was open, failed to bash so, and lacks bully origin to bash truthful now.” The counsel continued:

Second, the SEC has failed to warrant each of its requests connected the merits. They are irrelevant: the accusation the SEC seeks has nary bearing connected the Court’s remedies determination.

Ripple asserted that the SEC seeks a shortcut connected concern declaration claims, aiming for a summary judgement alternatively of a afloat hearing, cautioning that this bypasses important fact-finding, risks a 2nd find phase, and burdens some parties and the court.

The counsel further noted: “Worse, the SEC’s summary process would deprive Ripple of protections that would usually use to a pre-suit probe of caller behaviour and the process afforded by the filing of caller claims. And lastly, arsenic to the SEC’s interrogatory successful particular, the SEC has utilized each of its interrogatories successful the lawsuit and cannot unilaterally assistance itself more.”

The missive besides highlights the ruling by Judge Analisa Torres connected July 13 past year, holding successful portion that Ripple’s programmatic income of XRP and different distributions did not magnitude to concern contracts but that definite organization income of XRP to blase individuals and entities should person been registered arsenic securities.

Ripple further argued that “Besides being untimely, the SEC’s find requests question accusation that is irrelevant to remedies.” The counsel stressed that “Ripple’s existent fiscal information is not applicable to the magnitude of penalties the Court should order,” emphasizing that “Ripple is not claiming an inability to wage and volition not reason successful favour of a simplification successful punishment magnitude connected relationship of its contiguous fiscal condition.” The missive concludes:

The SEC’s petition for irrelevant and burdensome post-complaint discovery, particularly fixed the adjacent of information discovery, should beryllium denied.

Do you deliberation the tribunal should contradict the SEC’s requests for post-compliant find concerning XRP? Let america cognize successful the comments conception below.

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