Polkadot Sets New Record For NFT Minting Speed

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Web3 protocol Polkadot has acceptable a caller blockchain velocity record, minting 4,930 NFTs per minute, beating erstwhile records acceptable by Solana and Polygon.

The grounds was achieved during an NFT driblet for interactive storytelling crippled Forever Has Fallen, utilising Polkadot’s Unique Network parachain, which is tailored for composable NFTs.

Known arsenic Bounty Hunter Tickets (BHTs), these NFTs supply entree to the Hunters’ Lair wrong Forever Has Fallen, and play a cardinal relation successful the experience.

This comes up of the forthcoming integration of Asynchronous Backing (AB) to Polkadot, which volition propulsion the velocity and ratio of the Layer-0 adjacent further.

Our stories invitation you to live, play and gain arsenic a Bounty Hunter searching for the information down crimes against humanity

Conquer online flight rooms, interact with characters via messaging apps, and uncover hidden contented crossed implicit 100 integer experiences. pic.twitter.com/7iFwdhGjXB

— incite (@incitelore) November 20, 2023

How was the grounds broken?

Incite, the developers of Forever Has Fallen, tested aggregate blockchains up of their mint, looking astatine factors specified arsenic speed, state fees and performance, minting 300,000 NFTs successful the process.

The squad chose Polkadot for their wide NFT mint, believing their infrastructure to beryllium perfect for the task – a content which led to this caller grounds being established, positioning Polkadot arsenic an charismatic enactment for web3 games that necessitate a accelerated & reliable mode to nonstop immense numbers of NFTs to their players.

Kimon Lycos, Founder and CEO of Incite, noted that they “want Web3 elements to beryllium nether the hood”, and that Polkadot’s velocity allows them to “enable a Web2-type acquisition of instant gratification.”

Alexandar Mitrovic, CEO of Unique Network, added that “Polkadot offers large flexibility”, with the occurrence of the Forever Has Fallen Bounty Hunter Ticket mint giving their squad “the accidental to contiguous a concern lawsuit that talks to wide consumers.”

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