OneLand Metaverse Market Analysis: Nov 6 – 12

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Welcome to Metaverse Market Analysis! Every Monday, we bring you the latest stats and information connected the authorities of the Metaverse market. In concern with the unthinkable squad from OneLand, a fiscal level for virtual LANDs successful the Metaverse, this file brings the OneLand Metaverse Market Analysis stats for Nov 6 – 12. 

OneLand 7D data shows onshore caps for the 10 listed projects up 0.25% to 667,887 ETH. But successful USD, LANDS worth jumped 8.36% to $1.36bn, arsenic crypto (+7.6%) kept up its Q4 rally.

OneLand Market Analysis Nov 6 Land values surge successful USD arsenic $ETH surges – Meta Rankings (7D)

ETH surged 8% successful 7D to roar past $2,000 for the archetypal clip since its little enactment determination successful April. At the aforesaid time, full NFT headdress roseate 24.5% to $6.8 billion, its highest since June, arsenic planetary NFT measurement surged 51.3%.

Worldwide Webb 7D measurement (+8.59%) of Apartments surpassed 10+ ETH for the 3rd consecutive week, with assemblage hype inactive upbeat successful the aftermath of their caller playtest.

OneLand Market Analysis Nov 6 Trading measurement has been rising, arsenic person onshore prices, astatine WorldwideWebb

At Arcade, trading was backmost (+624%) aft a quiescent fortnight, with 0.75 ETH for a onshore parcel the project’s apical merchantability successful 6mths.

At The Sandbox, 230 play trades (+389%) was its astir successful a period but volumes stay comparatively debased astatine 65 ETH, equating to an mean terms of 0.283 ETH.

LAND prices successful The Sandbox and Decentraland look stable, but their autochthonal tokens $SAND and $MANA person some soared 50% implicit the past month. Native tokens $SAND, $MANA & $CUBE were each up 16+% for the week, portion $TOPIA fell 5.6%.

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