Xterio to Launch Gaming-Oriented Blockchain in Collaboration with AltLayer, aiming for Wider Web3 Gaming Adoption

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Singapore, Singapore, April 4th, 2024, Chainwire

Xterio, a starring Web3 gaming steadfast and platform, and AltLayer, an unfastened and decentralized protocol for launching autochthonal and ZK rollup stacks, person announced the motorboat of a game-focused restaked rollup designed specifically for Web3 games.

Xterio is simply a Web3 gaming ecosystem & infrastructure, distinguishing itself arsenic a gaming steadfast with top-notch improvement skills, unparalleled organisation expertise, and implicit $80M raised successful ecosystem funding. With 5 AAA games and implicit 45 gaming partners, Xterio has amassed a gaming assemblage of implicit 2 cardinal users worldwide and developed the astir palmy gaming NFT launchpad. Co-founded by manufacture veterans similar Michael Tong, erstwhile COO of NetEase and CSO of FunPlus, and Jeremy Horn, erstwhile Vice President of Jam City, Xterio is committed to accelerating the integration of Web3 exertion into gaming and onboarding billions of gamers.

The Xterio concatenation volition beryllium tally and managed by AltLayer. It volition run arsenic a Layer 2 settling connected Ethereum and utilize the OP Stack arsenic the rollup model with EigenDA arsenic the Data Availability (DA) layer. Unlike a classical rollup, Xterio concatenation volition alternatively instrumentality the signifier of a "restaked rollup", a model pioneered by AltLayer. As a restaked rollup, the Xterio concatenation volition travel with MACH - an Actively Validated Services (AVS) offering faster finality with economical information by leveraging EigenLayer's restaking mechanism. The rollup volition absorption connected web3 and AI-powered games, with plans to physique an on-chain ecosystem astir AAA games leveraging the $XTER token.

In summation to being integrated crossed aggregate Xterio titles, the Xterio concatenation volition enactment arsenic the backbone of the Xterio ecosystem, offering a gateway to a vibrant gaming ecosystem and empowering players to effortlessly collect, own, and commercialized integer assets successful a harmless and accessible situation and allowing developers to mint, distribute, and negociate millions of assets seamlessly. The chain, alongside the broad Xterio tech platform, intends to marque on-chain elements astir invisible acknowledgment to relationship abstracted wallets, seamless off-chain and on-chain systems, inexpensive transactions, single-click purchases, flexible outgo marketplace and launchpad, and more. In summation to facilitating transactions, the Xterio marketplace and NFT launchpad volition clasp the Xterio token arsenic a versatile outgo method, accepted for some purchases and state fees, ensuring a creaseless and convenient idiosyncratic experience. 

Looking ahead, the Xterio concatenation volition unfastened its doors to crippled developers seeking a blase yet user-friendly solution to powerfulness their creations. Through the Xterio chain, developers volition person entree to the astir extended first-party gaming catalog successful Web3 and pat into its implicit 2 cardinal idiosyncratic base, which is presently rapidly growing.

With its committedness of casual integration and cutting-edge capabilities, the Xterio concatenation stands acceptable to thrust the aboriginal of gaming.

Yaoqi Jia, CEO of AltLayer, said: “Xterio serves arsenic a robust, highly respected level to its numerous, highly-regarded contented partners successful the gaming space. As the quality of gaming evolves and calls for higher-performing crippled mechanics, crippled economics, and in-game transactions grow, we’re delighted that Xterio has embraced rollups to fortify its products’ method capabilities. With AltLayer’s caller restaked rollup merchandise MACH, Xterio volition besides bask information and overmuch faster finality features built utilizing EigenLayer’s restaking mechanics that volition yet underpin a amended gaming acquisition to payment developers and players alike.” Michael Tong, CEO of Xterio, expressed: “Through our collaboration with AltLayer, Xterio is spearheading the improvement of a cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure to substance our Web3 gaming titles and extending its availability to partners and collaborators. By harnessing the expansive ETH ecosystem and addressing captious idiosyncratic concerns similar state fees and accelerated transaction finality, Xterio is poised to look arsenic a frontrunner successful high-quality Web3 and beyond.”  

Highly regarded for its on-chain gaming capabilities by manufacture bigwigs, this Binance Labs-backed platform is present gathering retired its crippled and exertion functions, including artificial quality (AI) integration and token launch.  

About Xterio

Xterio Foundation successful Switzerland was founded with a assembly and by a squad of exertion and amusement leaders with heavy crippled improvement and publishing experience. Its ngo is to develop, publish, and administer high-quality Web2 and Web3 games and interactive entertainment. 

Xterio is committed to accelerating the integration of Web3 exertion into gaming and AI. This committedness simplifies the acquisition for developers and players, facilitating the wide adoption of decentralized gaming and integer ownership. Xterio, unneurotic with its partners, run the archetypal gaming rollup with the latest MACH exertion and 1 of the champion launchpads for games and marketplaces. Recently, the Xterio level has successfully launched NFT income successful Overworld, Age of Dinos, Persona, Army of Fortune, and more.

The Xterio level is processing 5 first-party titles powered by $XTER. Each is led by genre experts and supported by talented teams from renowned entities similar FunPlus, Riot, Tencent, and Epic.

To larn more, users tin sojourn xter.io and travel on astatine @XterioGames.

About AltLayer

Founded successful 2021, AltLayer is an unfastened and decentralized protocol for rollups. AltLayer is known for its caller merchandise - ‘restaked rollups’ - which supplements existing rollups with amended security, decentralization, accelerated finality, and interoperability.

Built atop its protocol is simply a Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) launcher, a hassle-free level allowing developers and beginners to rotation up a customized rollup wrong 2 minutes! This merchandise is designed for a multi-chain and a multi-VM world.

Together, these products signifier the bedrock of a modular blockchain ecosystem - location to hundreds of thousands of rollups that tin accelerate scaling for immoderate Web3 application. They tin assistance prevention sizeable capital, trim years of improvement enactment for teams, promote innovation, and fast-track experimentation portion being afloat unfastened and permissionless.

Industries spanning the NFT sector, Web3 gaming, DeFi, real-world plus tokenization, and others leverage these rollups to standard their applications. AltLayer supports large stacks, alternate DA layers, and shared sequencers, including OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, Polygon CDK, ZK-rollup, Celestia, EigenDA, Avail, Espresso, and more.

Alter invites users to articulation its community: Twitter | Discord | Official Website


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