Jellyfish Mobile to Curb the SIM-Swap Menace That Led to Losses Worth $140 Million in Two Years

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PRESS RELEASE. The cryptocurrency marketplace lacks regulation, starring to imaginable risks for investors, including SIM-swap scams. By this technique, hackers manipulate mobile bearer lawsuit work to summation entree to a user’s telephone number, allowing them to bypass information measures and entree accounts. Bart Stephens, co-founder of Blockchain Capital, fell unfortunate to a SIM-swap attack, resulting successful a $6.3 cardinal Bitcoin theft. He has filed a suit against the hackers. From each this it’s wide there’s a deficiency of effectual safeguards and timely notifications from mobile telephone carriers. Jellyfish Mobile provides a solution to forestall SIM-swap attacks and different vulnerabilities arising from compartment telephone carriers’ negligence.

All About Jellyfish Mobile

JellyFish Mobile is the world’s archetypal Web3-enabled 5G mobile network. The squad down the task identified the loopholes and vulnerabilities successful the telecommunication strategy and introduced a futuristic solution that volition wholly redefine the space. With Jellyfish, users nary longer conscionable pass connected mobile phones, but go existent owners of their integer assets. They are successful implicit power of each transactions and bid implicit authorization implicit their integer experience.

Jellyfish Mobile has developed a unafraid Wallet-On-SIM exertion wherein users volition get a SIM paper with a built successful acold wallet. The acold wallet is wholly isolated from the big instrumentality and is lone accessible done the owner’s effect keys, frankincense eliminating the hazard of SIM swapping. Also,users don’t request an Internet transportation to process transactions. Decentralization and transparency are Jellyfish Mobile’s USP!

Concerning functionality, Jellyfish Mobile employs DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers) for individuality management. Instead of a mobile number, users get a Web3 wallet address. In addition, the level offers entree to a wide array of projects to beforehand engagement, beryllium these De-Fi (Decentralized Finance) applications, decentralized societal networks, and a big of different dApps, each from the mobile device.

For enhanced information and seamless operations portion utilizing Wallet-on-SIM, Jellyfish Mobile provides the pursuing features:

  • True Cold Wallet Privacy: Isolates the wallet from the OS and the installed apps, frankincense eliminating immoderate interaction.
  • Secure Boot Process: Checks the integrity of processes moving connected the instrumentality and prevents untoward modifications.
  • Remote Management (OTA): Ability to person information patches and different updates remotely.
  • RSA and ECC: Guarantees a unafraid enactment betwixt the mobile instrumentality and the network.
  • AES128 Encryption: Support for the latest encryption protocol boots security.
  • SIM Swap Protection: Allows betterment lone via effect keys generated upon SIM activation, frankincense eliminating the scope of SIM swapping.
  • Cold Wallet Address Obfuscations: With an obfuscated acold wallet address, users get the highest level of security.

The Jellyfish Mobile ecosystem is an precocious and blase instauration that connects influencers with applicable brands and helps them monetize their activity. And some parties tin utilize the transaction strategy provided by the level for businesslike and low-fee transactions.

Besides each this, Jellyfish Mobile besides offers affordable roaming services crossed Asia. Travel wrong eligible regions and ne'er look hassles with the network. Reliable connectivity from Jellyfish Mobile benefits not conscionable businesses and influencers, but besides regular users who are ever connected the go!

About JFISH, the Native Token

The JFISH token, autochthonal to the Jellyfish Mobile ecosystem, is crafted with large information towards captious marketplace parameters and volatility analysis. The full token proviso is capped astatine 1 billion, of which 4% would beryllium disposable during the Pre-seed Event, 6% during the 3 air-drops, 75% allocated to the 3 CEX launches, and the remaining 15% developer tokens volition beryllium released station the 3rd CEX launch.

In summation to that, Jellyfish Mobile follows a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) benignant of function, wherein token holders ballot connected important decisions, immoderate of which volition determine the project’s aboriginal course. For those who judge they person the close intellect and due knowing of the blockchain space, this could beryllium the accidental to thrust a task towards success. Just get arsenic galore tokens arsenic possible, go a decisive dependable successful the Jellyfish Mobile ecosystem, and pb the way!

Jellyfish Mobile is holding it’s much-anticipated IEO

With it’s IEO underway, funny users and investors tin get the JFISH tokens astatine the lowest-ever terms of 0.025 USDT until Aug 27, 2023. The token volition soon database connected exchanges astatine 0.0275 USDT.

A full of 40,000,000 tokens volition beryllium disposable during the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), and the minimum acquisition magnitude has been acceptable astatine $10USD per purchaser. There is nary maximum acquisition cap.

Developed by a squad of experienced professionals, Jellyfish Mobile aims to enactment an extremity to SIM swap attacks, supply a seamless web connectivity to users, connection implicit authorization implicit integer assets, minimize third-party interference, go the way that guides users toward Web3, and reward them handsomely successful the process. For those who judge Web3 is the future, cogwheel up for Jellyfish Mobile and go a portion of the ecosystem.

For a deeper knowing of Jellyfish Mobile’s offerings, cheque retired their informative explainer videos connected YouTube.

To find retired much astir Jellyfish Mobile, sojourn the authoritative website:

Also, travel Jellyfish Mobile connected each societal platforms to enactment up-to-date with the latest developments and sales:








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