Introducing Presearch: The Decentralized Search Engine

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PRESS RELEASE. La Jolla, California – September 18th, 2023 – Presearch is simply a revolutionary level that is changing the mode radical hunt the internet. Presearch is simply a decentralized hunt motor designed to empower users, respect their privacy, and supply a amended hunt experience. It is powered by astir 70,000 idiosyncratic computers (nodes) successful much than 100 countries.

In a satellite wherever Big Tech hunt engines predominate the web with monolithic force, Presearch stands isolated arsenic a user-centric, privacy-focused, and community-driven alternative.

Why Presearch Matters

Traditional hunt engines are taxable to censorship, collecting immense amounts of idiosyncratic data, invading privacy, tracking and profiling users for profit, portion controlling the world’s entree to information.

“The satellite needs a hunt motor that is created by the people, for the people, successful a mode that protects privacy, can’t beryllium censored and runs connected decentralized infrastructure to supply resilience. That’s what we’re gathering present with Presearch,” said Colin Pape, laminitis of Presearch.

What is Presearch?

Presearch is simply a blockchain-based hunt motor that respects idiosyncratic privateness and prime portion providing rewards. Unlike accepted hunt engines, Presearch does not way your online enactment oregon merchantability your information to advertisers. Instead, it lets you power your hunt acquisition by allowing you to take your preferred hunt motor and customize your hunt results.

With centralized hunt engines, the users are the product, being bought and sold to the highest bidder. With Presearch, it’s the opposite: Presearchers ain the worth of their web searches done thing called Search Staking, which enables you to gain PRE tokens, the currency that powers Presearch.

These PRE tokens are besides utilized to reward radical from each implicit the satellite who tally Presearch’s node software, which powers the hunt motor with decentralized computing resources alternatively than immense information centers similar those powering different hunt engines.

Advertisers wage for ads successful PRE, completing the worth ellipse for the project. The extremity is to person Presearch beryllium a level that is censorship-resistant, autarkic and antifragile – akin to Bitcoin.

Key Features of Presearch

  1. Privacy: Your searches connected Presearch are backstage and not tracked. Your information is not utilized to make personalized profiles oregon people ads.
  2. Choice: Presearch allows users to take from much than 100 antithetic hunt providers with a azygous click, giving you the flexibility to find the results you want.
  3. Rewards: Presearch rewards users with PRE tokens for participating successful the platform. These tokens tin beryllium staked, traded, oregon utilized to entree different perks successful the ecosystem similar AI search.
  4. Community: Presearch is crowd-funded, community-driven and is implementing assemblage governance done the Presearch Foundation.
  5. Decentralization: Presearch uses blockchain exertion and idiosyncratic nodes to powerfulness its decentralized infrastructure and volition beryllium afloat unfastened sourced arsenic the task evolves.

Latest Presearch Innovations

  1. PreGPT AI: The existent mentation of PreGPT is powered by OpenAI, but the task is gathering retired a decentralized AI offering that volition tally connected Presearch nodes.
  2. Search API: The Search API enables different hunt engines, applications and AI experiences to beryllium powered by Presearch results.
  3. Search Staking: Search staking allows you to gain accrued rewards for searching with Presearch. You involvement astatine slightest 1000 PRE to gain elevated rewards for up to 25 searches per day.
  4. Keyword Staking: Keyword staking is simply a conception by Presearch that allows companies to summation website postulation by staking their PRE tokens. Whichever advertiser stakes the astir tokens has their advertisement displayed erstwhile their keyword of prime is searched. Advertisers tin retreat their PRE tokens astatine immoderate time, making postulation astir free!, The minimum magnitude for keyword staking is 100 PRE.
  5. Node Staking: Nodes supply the computing resources that powerfulness Presearch hunt results. Node staking allows individuals to assistance process requests wrong the Presearch ecosystem and gain rewards successful speech for their enactment moving nodes. The minimum magnitude to involvement nodes and get rewards is 4000 PRE per node.

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up: To statesman utilizing Presearch, sojourn [] and make a escaped account. 
  2. Customize: Choose your preferred hunt providers, customize your settings, and marque Presearch your own. 
  3. Search and Earn: Start searching with Presearch and gain PRE tokens for your searches. The much you search, the much you tin earn. 
  4. Search staking: Stake astatine slightest 1000 PRE to commencement earning accrued rewards for your searches.

About Presearch

Presearch was founded successful 2017 with the ngo to supply a user-focused, decentralized hunt motor that respects privacy, enables choice, and rewards assemblage participation. It is powered by blockchain exertion and a passionate planetary assemblage of users and developers.

For media inquiries oregon much information, delight contact:

Justin Dyczewski

Head of Public Relations

[email protected]

To commencement your decentralized hunt journey, sojourn today.

Please articulation the assemblage utilizing the links below:

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