Devconnect Scholars Program - Ethereum Stories from Istanbul and Beyond

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Ethereum is growing, and diverseness of quality information creates resilience passim the ecosystem. The Devconnect Scholars Program is 1 tiny effort that aims to make resilience done assemblage diversity. Better practice crossed quality geography and demographics leads to divers experiences and caller perspectives that assistance the Ethereum protocol service the coordination needs of each humans, not conscionable a fortunate few. Not lone does amended practice - starring to amended geographical organisation of Ethereum nodes for illustration - assistance the information of the network, but we judge it is important successful enriching our assemblage and successful making Ethereum stories tangible for much people.

The Scholars Program brought to Devconnect Istanbul 22 builders from communities that are presently underrepresented successful Ethereum. This station highlights conscionable a fewer of the Scholars and their stories.

Meet the Scholars

Meet Ovia, a blockchain researcher who studied Proof-of-Work blockchains arsenic portion of her PhD research. She is an progressive contributor to India’s Web3 community, successful peculiar by giving method workshops, and by helping to empower pistillate and non-binary individuals astatine the Phoenix Guild. Ovia said she near Devconnect with ideas and imaginable collaborations that tin lend to her ongoing enactment too having immoderate “fan-girl” moments gathering immoderate of her tech-heroes successful existent life. You tin work her takeaways here: “Introduction to ZKVMs and Types of ZKVMs” and here: “Simplified moonmath down ZKSNARKs.”

Meet Elnaz, a Java backend developer from Iran turned astute declaration developer. After her centralized speech banned her and radical from definite countries, Elnaz work the Bitcoin and Ethereum whitepapers and recovered the decentralization innovation “mind-blowing.” Speaking astir her community, wherever entree to banking is constricted and ostentation is high, she said that educating radical connected the disadvantages of centralized networks and onboarding them to decentralized networks inactive needs work. You tin find her reflection here: “Enabling Low-Cost, Decentralized Micropayments connected Ethereum Through Layer 2 Rollups.”

Meet Alphonce, a bundle technologist from Kenya. He was initially drawn to crypto due to the fact that of speculation, but his position changed erstwhile helium started taking portion successful open-source projects successful Ethereum and realized that it tin beryllium a “powerful level for fostering fiscal inclusion and innovation.” He said helium wants to lend to the blockchain ecosystem successful Africa by bringing backmost the collaborative tone and cognition speech from Devconnect. Continue speechmaking his findings here: “Reflections From DevConnect: Unveiling Opportunities for Financial Inclusivity with Ethereum.”

You tin find stories, insights, and learnings from much Scholars here.

What’s next?

Together with efforts already taking spot successful our assemblage for amended representation, we anticipation that the Devcon and Devconnect Scholars assistance grow and enrich the Infinite Garden of Ethereum. For aboriginal Scholars Programs and much stories, travel @EFNextBillion.

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