Flipping Frenzy Propels Quantum Cats’ Sales to $13M

2 weeks ago 52
Quantum Cats sales Source: Magic Eden

Bitcoin Ordinals Renaissance

Early 2023 marked the debut of the Ordinals protocol by developer Casey Rodarmor, allowing for the instauration of NFTs straight connected the Bitcoin blockchain. Such an innovation ignited wide enthusiasm for Bitcoin-based Ordinals inscriptions, often termed ‘Bitcoin NFTs’.

Shifting the absorption to mint NFTs connected Bitcoin represents a important departure from erstwhile trends that predominantly utilized Ethereum-based blockchain. Traditionally, these networks were seen arsenic much programmable than Bitcoin, which boasts the oldest and highest-valued blockchain. 

The Quantum Cats income people a turning constituent successful NFT trading, showcasing the imaginable of Ordinal NFTs and challenging Ethereum’s dominance with innovative uses of the Bitcoin network. 

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