Dogecoin Price Struggles To Keep Up With Altcoin Rally, Has Elon Musk Abandoned DOGE?

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Dogecoin has recovered itself navigating erratic zones arsenic it struggles to support up with the awesome terms surges of assorted altcoins successful the crypto market. 

DOGE Experiences Slow Growth

While the broader cryptocurrency marketplace is preparing for the upcoming bull tally and has experienced respective upticks from the existent manufacture trends, the price of DOGE has shown dilatory growth. 

Dogecoin was antecedently hailed arsenic 1 of the astir thriving cryptocurrencies, formerly reaching an all-time precocious of $0.74 successful 2021. The cryptocurrency had a staggering price surge and adoption from the influence of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Owner of X (formerly Twitter).

The Tesla CEO’s tweets astir Dogecoin had an uncanny quality to power the terms of DOGE and his supportive comments connected the cryptocurrency besides contributed to the cryptocurrency’s popularity.

Presently, the terms of Dogecoin has not been performing good erstwhile compared to different altcoins successful the crypto market. While Bitcoin has jumped supra a $37,000 terms people and Ethereum has crossed the $2,000 price, DOGE’s terms remains beneath expectations astatine $0.077.

The summation successful these cryptocurrencies whitethorn beryllium attributed to respective catalysts similar the imaginable support of Spot Bitcoin ETFs and the confirmation of BlackRock’s Ethereum Spot RTF filing.

However, Dogecoin’s dilatory terms performance has raised concerns among investors and enthusiasts arsenic the cryptocurrency has failed to support up with rallying cryptocurrencies and the affirmative sentiment surrounding the crypto market. 

Elon Musk Silent On Dogecoin

Musk, often a vocal protagonist of Dogecoin, has been unexpectedly soundless connected the caller sluggish terms emergence of the cryptocurrency. 

While Dogecoin struggles to rally similar respective different altcoins, the lack of Musk’s accustomed sentiment and endorsement of the cryptocurrency has near the investors and the DOGE assemblage speculating if the Tesla CEO has abandoned the cryptocurrency.

In astir caller tweets, Musk has refrained from mentioning DOGE, focusing much connected different topics related to the economy, politics, and SpaceX, a abstraction exploration technologies corp founded by Musk. 

Many crypto investors wonderment if the Tesla CEO’s soundlessness connected Dogecoin is intentional arsenic helium waits for the close clip to talk connected the cryptocurrency. Others person raised questions connected the cryptocurrency’s maturation trajectory and the imaginable implications for the integer plus if Musk has so jilted the token. 

Presently, galore barriers basal betwixt DOGE and its $0.1 people objective. Many crypto predictions person projected the cryptocurrency to scope a $1 and $0.085 people oregon person a 20% terms spike if it crosses the $0.07 absorption zone. 

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