Did Someone Forget The BONK? Trading Volume Plunges Over 70%

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Bucking the inclination wrong the highly volatile memecoin sector, Bonk (BONK), a Solana-native meme token, has exhibited a bearish bias contempt prevailing bullish sentiment crossed the broader memecoin market.

Recent information from CoinMarketCap reveals a staggering 25% terms diminution for Bonk implicit the past month, a stark opposition to the wide upward trajectory witnessed crossed the meme coin scenery during the aforesaid period.

At the clip of writing, BONK was trading astatine $0.00002166, down 1.93% and 1.40% successful the regular and play timeframes, information from CMC shows.

Traders Grapple With Uncertainty In Bonk’s Derivatives Market

In the derivatives market, wherever traders speculate connected the aboriginal terms movements of assets, Bonk’s futures unfastened involvement has witnessed a melodramatic decline, plummeting by a staggering 60% since aboriginal March, arsenic reported by information from Coinglass.

This crisp downturn successful unfastened involvement reflects a important simplification successful the fig of contracts oregon positions held by traders, indicative of diminishing involvement and assurance successful Bonk’s prospects among derivative traders.

Despite the pronounced downturn successful futures unfastened interest, the backing complaint crossed assorted cryptocurrency exchanges has managed to support a affirmative stance.

This backing rate, which reflects the outgo of holding agelong positions comparative to abbreviated positions, suggests that immoderate traders are inactive maintaining optimism and are unwilling to wholly wantonness the anticipation of an impending uptrend successful Bonk’s price.

BONKUSD trading astatine $0.000021on the regular chart: TradingView.com

However, the conflicting signals betwixt method indicators and marketplace sentiment permission traders grappling with uncertainty, unsure whether to clasp onto their positions oregon chopped their losses.

The 30-day play nether reappraisal has seen a important autumn successful Bonk’s regular trading volume, with Santiment’s information indicating a 75% decrease.

This diminution successful trading enactment adds further value to the bearish sentiment surrounding the coin, signaling waning capitalist involvement and assurance successful its potential.

Source: Santiment

Technical Indicators Signal Trouble For Bonk

Further exacerbating Bonk’s woes are its momentum indicators, which uncover a troubling discrepancy betwixt organisation and accumulation.

The Money Flow Index (MFI) points to accrued selling activity, outweighing immoderate attempts astatine buying and adding further downward unit connected the coin’s value.

As the marketplace grapples with these conflicting signals, the spotlight remains firmly fixed connected Bonk and its quality to upwind the storm.

With its MACD enactment sinking beneath the awesome and zero lines, signaling a weakening short-term inclination compared to its longer-term outlook, traders are faced with a captious determination point.

A Glimmer Of Hope Amidst The Storm

As traders proceed to show the concern closely, determination is imaginable for a displacement successful sentiment that could respire caller beingness into Bonk’s ailing price.

For now, the roadworthy up for Bonk remains uncertain, with method indicators pointing towards further declines portion traders cling to hopes of a reversal.

Featured representation from Pixabay, illustration from TradingView

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