Pyth Governance Distribution

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Following up connected our anterior blog station astir the Pyth Governance Distribution, we are present providing the steps for users to participate.

Pyth Governance Distribution


Following up connected our anterior blog station astir the Pyth Governance Distribution (see erstwhile blog post), we are present providing the steps for users to participate.

This includes defining eligibility criteria, outlining the assertion process, and sharing the timeline for the organisation to qualified users. This effort aligns with the eventual extremity of ensuring progressive governance information successful Pyth governance by the Synthetix assemblage and strengthening the narration betwixt Synthetix and Pyth Network.

Eligibility Criteria

You whitethorn beryllium eligible for the Pyth Governance Distribution if you person engaged successful immoderate of the pursuing activities wrong 1 twelvemonth anterior to the archetypal announcement:

  • Posted successful governance-related channels specified arsenic #governance, #spartan-council, #grants-council, #ambassador-council, #treasury-council, oregon #gov-call-chat.
  • Voted connected Synthetix Improvement Proposals (SIPs) oregon Synthetix Configuration Change Proposals (SCCPs).
  • Served connected immoderate Synthetix DAO body.
  • Authored a governance proposal.
  • Participated successful Synthetix governance elections.
    • Please enactment that eligibility based connected this criterion volition beryllium handled successful Phase 2 of the distribution.

These criteria are designed to align members of the Synthetix assemblage who person played a pivotal relation successful Synthetix Governance with the Pyth community, ensuring they person an accidental to lend importantly to the aboriginal days of Pyth Governance.

How to Claim

To assertion your stock of the distribution, delight travel these steps wrong the adjacent 4 weeks to support eligibility:

  1. Visit the Synthetix Discord and navigate to Pyth-Governance-Distribution channel.
  2. Use the Appy BOT to taxable a signifier attesting that you conscionable the eligibility criteria.
    1. Step 1: Navigate to the Pyth-Governance-Distribution channel.
    2. Step 2: Type /apply past click exertion Pyth-Gov-Distribution.
      1. You indispensable let DMs from server members to taxable the application. Visit the Appy guide to larn more. Once completed, you tin safely disable this option.
    3. Step 3: Fill successful the signifier with your SOL address. 
    4. Step 4: Submit the form.

If you indispensable alteration your SOL address, delight taxable different introduction - your astir caller introduction volition beryllium utilized for distribution.

When Will I Receive My Pyth Distribution?

Over the adjacent 4 weeks, users volition person the accidental to supply Solana wallet addresses successful the Synthetix Discord server. Once the database of recipient addresses has been finalized, caller submissions volition not beryllium accepted aft 4 weeks. After completing this process, the organisation volition beryllium conducted for eligible users.

If you taxable an introduction and are not eligible, you volition not person immoderate PYTH. 

Supporting Pyth Governance

This organisation aims to bolster Pyth Governance by distributing PYTH to those highly progressive successful Synthetix Governance, portion besides continuing to foster a productive narration betwixt the Synthetix and Pyth communities. Pyth is conscionable opening its travel into decentralized governance, and its elections for the Pythian and Price Feed Council person precocious concluded.

Read much astir Pyth Governance by visiting the pursuing links:


Join the Synthetix Discord for immoderate questions.

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