Coinbase CEO Says Crypto Exchange Is Not Leaving The US

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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has refuted the rumors of the anticipation of the speech exiting the United States marketplace for a much crypto-friendly country.

Coinbase CEO Rebuts Relocation Claims

Chief Executive Officer of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, has shown his unwavering committedness to the US section marketplace aft confirming that the exchange, renowned arsenic the US largest cryptocurrency exchange, volition not beryllium leaving the United States contempt regulatory uncertainties successful the state currently. 

Armstrong’s assurance comes successful the midst of crypto investors increasing anxieties regarding the stifling crypto regulatory conditions successful the US. While galore crypto speech companies person near US section markets for much crypto-friendly planetary markets, Coinbase reaffirms the company’s dedication to proceed serving American customers and providing cryptocurrency services successful the US. 

Currently, the US marketplace holds Coinbase’s important revenue, amassing up to $2.7 cardinal successful the erstwhile year. Armstrong has stated that the institution had ne'er fixed thought to the anticipation of permanently leaving the US. He besides mentioned that contempt the unit of regulatory conditions, determination is nary contingency program to propulsion its office retired of the United States. 

The Coinbase CEO reportedly commented, “It’s not adjacent successful the realm of anticipation close now. There is nary break-glass plan. We’re staying successful the United States.”

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CEO Displays Mixed Signals With SEC Lawsuit

Although Armstrong powerfully refuted the anticipation of moving retired of the US; a fewer months ago, helium subtly hinted astatine options of moving to markets with amended crypto regulatory conditions to guarantee Coinbase’s future, stating that “anything was connected the table” erstwhile it came to the exchange’s aboriginal plans.

The connection sparked discussions astir the crypto exchanges’ imaginable relocation plans and the rumors of Coinbase contemplating relocation to different countries gained adjacent much momentum aft the crypto speech hinted astatine delisting large cryptocurrencies similar Cardano (ADA) and speculations besides roseate astir Coinbase’s intentions aft securing a licence successful Bermuda. 

However, Armstrong reassured investors and the US crypto markets, explaining that the licenses were acquired to summation the exchange’s adoption and enlargement plans. The CEO has present openly denied immoderate plans to exit the US successful an interview with the Financial Times.  

Those licenses we’re acquiring internationally are not contingency plans; they’re planetary enlargement plans,” Armstrong explained.

Previously connected June 6, the SEC filed a suit against Coinbase, and the exchange’s ineligible squad responded with a question to disregard the lawsuit. According to reports, the result and decision of the SEC lawsuit would person a important interaction connected the crypto marketplace arsenic a full arsenic good arsenic crypto operating institutions successful the US.

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