FTX Sells Its Solana Holdings At Massive Discount – Here’s How Much

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Defunct crypto speech FTX precocious sold two-thirds of its Solana holdings for a monolithic discount, Bloomberg reported astatine the adjacent of the week. 

FTX precocious received a tribunal order to merchantability its monolithic SOL holdings to repay its creditors. As 1 of the largest holders of the cryptocurrency, the quality of the tribunal bid sparked a question of concerns from SOL investors, arsenic a full selloff by FTX could vessel the terms of the cryptocurrency successful conscionable a fewer hours. Interestingly, the bankrupt crypto speech has present gone up to merchantability a bulk of its holdings beneath marketplace value.

FTX: Details Of The Selloff

As noted by Bloomberg, the bankrupt crypto speech FTX sold astir 30 cardinal tokens to cardinal investors, enabling it to circular up $1.9 cardinal successful funds. These SOL tokens were sold to salient manufacture figures including Galaxy Trading which bought $620 cardinal worthy of SOL and Pantera Capital which bought $250 cardinal worthy of SOL. 

Considering the fig of tokens sold and the magnitude raised, It is estimated that they were sold astatine $64 for each SOL. At the clip of the transaction, SOL was trading astatine astir $172, meaning they were sold astatine a 63% discount to the marketplace terms and were really worthy $5.16  billion.  

Total crypto marketplace headdress astatine $2.5 trillion connected the regular chart: TradingView.com

To debar a terms catastrophe, the SOL tokens which are inactive nether lock, are bound by a four-year vesting docket with gradual monthly unlocking until January 2028. At the clip of writing, the defunct speech inactive has 21 cardinal SOL tokens locked up that are worthy astir $3.75 cardinal astatine the existent marketplace price.

Current State Of Solana

The eventual illness of FTX successful 2022 led to a cascade of terms slumps for Solana. This is due to the fact that the erstwhile CEO of the exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), was an avid protagonist of SOL and had spent truthful overmuch of the company’s funds to banal up connected the cryptocurrency. As Bitcoinist reported, SBF has present been handed a 25-year situation condemnation for his pivotal relation successful the illness of the exchange.

Solana, connected the different hand, went done a terms surge precocious past twelvemonth which saw it yet stepping retired of the shadiness near down by FTX. Aside from its terms growth, Solana’s ecosystem has expanded with an increase successful meme coin success and is present starting to rival Ethereum arsenic the king of altcoins. 

Solana has besides seen robust growth successful the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sectors. Particularly, the blockchain saw its DEX trading volume skyrocket by 332% and its marketplace headdress summation by 97% past quarter.

At the clip of writing, Solana is trading astatine $179.12, up by 1.25% successful the past 24 hours.

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