Celsius Asks Users To Update Personal Info, Is It Time For Crypto Distribution?

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It has present been much than 1 twelvemonth since crypto lender Celsius Network filed for bankruptcy, starring to a rollercoaster 13 months for investors truthful far. However, determination whitethorn yet beryllium an extremity successful show for users who person their funds stuck connected the level arsenic it looks similar Celsius is getting acceptable for money distribution.

Celsius Network Asks Investors To Update Information

In an email that was sent retired connected Thursday, August 24, Celsius Network has requested that users update their Know Your Customer (KYC) accusation connected the app. The crushed for this, the institution said, was to hole for erstwhile the tribunal approved the organisation of the assets that it has been capable to retrieve successful the people of its bankruptcy proceedings successful the past year.

The KYC re-verification requires users with valid claims to taxable their authorities individuality cards (IDs) arsenic good arsenic update their idiosyncratic accusation connected the app if and wherever necessary. This is apt an effort to verify the claims and validity of each users earlier distributing the funds.

Celsius Network crypto

Celsius asks users to update KYC information

Additionally, the email encourages users to acceptable up two-factor authorizations for their accounts. This comes aft months of assorted complaints from Celsius users astir phishing scams trying to bargain idiosyncratic accusation and entree their accounts.

In closing, Celsius advised users that the changes tin instrumentality a portion to beryllium updated successful the app. “It whitethorn instrumentality immoderate clip for these changes to beryllium reflected successful your relationship anterior to immoderate withdrawals being processed,” the email read. However, immoderate users person taken X (formerly Twitter) to reveal that the update lone took them a fewer minutes to complete.

The caller KYC process besides seems to beryllium focused connected non-US users. As for US-based users, Celsians Network, an X relationship dedicated to pursuing the Celsius bankruptcy progress, revealed that they “will beryllium KYC’ed by their organisation spouse (PayPal).”

What Percentage Can Users Recoup?

According to a filing made by Celsius past week, users could beryllium looking to recoup up to 85% of their holdings presently stuck connected the platform. The disclosure connection which was submitted to the US Bankruptcy Court successful Manhattan has asked the tribunal to o.k. the merchantability of the crypto lender to the Fahrenheit Group.

So far, this program has been the 1 carrying the highest imaginable payouts from Earn and Borrow users, astir of which person been dragged on with the bankruptcy proceedings.

The crypto lender has said that creditors volition beryllium fixed astir 1 month, from August 24 to September 22, to ballot for oregon against selling the assets.

Following its bankruptcy filing successful 2022, it was revealed that Celsius owes creditors astir $4.7 cardinal successful total. However, the full worth of its assets and holdings is obscurity adjacent this amount.

Celsius (CEL) terms  illustration  from Tradingview.com (Celsius Network crypto)

CEL token terms drops to $0.12 arsenic users hold | Source: CELUSDC connected Tradingview.com

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