Unlock the Secrets of Successful Trading: The Ultimate Onchain Simulation Tool

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Jen Albert


In the dynamic satellite of cryptocurrency trading, having a robust toolkit is paramount. That’s wherever the latest innovation from Bancor steps in: the Carbon DeFi Simulator. This precocious instrumentality is engineered to revolutionize your trading strategy, offering unparalleled insights and capabilities for backtesting against humanities marketplace data. The simulator’s superior extremity is to supply traders with a wide knowing of their strategy’s imaginable performance, enabling a broad valuation of profitability and hazard anterior to engaging successful unrecorded markets.

Seamless Integration for Efficient Strategy Execution

What sets the Carbon DeFi Simulator isolated is its flawless integration wrong the platform’s idiosyncratic interface. This integration ensures a creaseless modulation from strategy investigating to existent commercialized execution, each wrong a fewer clicks. The accent is connected streamlining the trading process, allowing for a much assured and informed trading experience.

Comprehensive Inputs for Tailored Strategy Development

The simulator’s versatility is evident successful its 4 customizable inputs, designed to cater to a wide array of trading preferences:

  • Trading Pair Creation: Choose any 2 modular ERC20 tokens.
  • Strategy Selection: Choose betwixt automated “Recurring Orders,” which replicate the functionality of a DEX trading bot oregon grid trading for engaging dynamically with the market, oregon research “Overlapping Liquidity,” an innovative method for managing concentrated liquidity positions, coming soon to the Simulator.
  • Price Targets: Create “Limit” orders to people circumstantial prices, oregon prosecute successful “Range” trading to standard in/out by mounting personalized terms boundaries, offering a flexible attack to your trading strategy.
  • Budget Allocation: Set the fund for your bargain and/or merchantability orders. Uniquely, Carbon DeFi grants users the quality to allocate funds for conscionable 1 broadside of the trading pair, eliminating the request to allocate some tokens.

Beyond the supra inputs, users tin prime a day scope for the simulation, extending arsenic acold backmost arsenic the erstwhile 365 days. Additionally, the enactment to set the day scope remains disposable adjacent aft the simulation has finished.

Upon simulation completion, users are presented with an overview, including archetypal inputs and cardinal outcomes similar Estimated Gains and ROI, enriched with elaborate analytics displayed done 3 formats: Animation, Summary, and a downloadable Trade History Log.


This default format displays 3 dynamic charts:

  • Price Chart: Token terms movements wrong the specified timeframe, highlighting strategy-specific bargain and merchantability prices/zones
  • Performance vs HODL: A wide ocular practice of however the simulated strategy performed against a HODL presumption passim the duration of the strategy.
  • Token Balances: The last token balances pursuing the simulation


Strategy makers tin fine-tune their attack for optimal results by leveraging the provided Summary, meticulously crafted to show cardinal insights to a strategy’s performance.

  • Ask: The terms oregon scope astatine which a idiosyncratic wishes to merchantability their tokens
  • Bid: The terms oregon scope astatine which a idiosyncratic wishes to bargain their tokens
  • Price: Market terms of the basal token comparative to the punctuation token
  • Portfolio Value: The ending portfolio equilibrium arsenic a effect of the simulated strategy
  • Quote Portion: The proportionality of the full portfolio worth denominated successful the punctuation asset
  • HODL Value: The portfolio worth had the idiosyncratic held their tokens

Trade History Log

A downloadable CSV record offers a elaborate breakdown of information for each commercialized executed during the simulation. This includes the date, price, ask, bid, hazard equilibrium and portion, currency equilibrium and portion, portfolio value, HODL value, and a comparative investigation of Portfolio versus HODL performance.

A Vision for Trading Success

The motorboat of the Simulator signifies Carbon DeFi’s proactive stance, not simply gathering the industry’s requirements but foreseeing them. It presents a wide array of functionalities and bid options that spell beyond fulfilling the expectations of today’s trader. The platform’s continuous innovation and the instauration of cutting-edge features underscore its committedness to advancing the trading landscape.

  • Recurring Orders: This exclusive diagnostic streamlines trading by linking bargain and merchantability orders, automatically rotating your tokens betwixt them, akin to the mode a trading bot oregon grid trading would, simplifying analyzable scenarios and maximizing connected marketplace volatility. Recurring orders alteration continuous buying debased and selling high, automatically accumulating tokens and compounding profits with zero reliance connected 3rd parties specified arsenic Keepers. Not lone that, but strategy makers incur zero trading and state costs erstwhile their strategies are traded against and their orders are filled, with takers paying the web fees. Simulator capabilities present live!
  • Range Orders: This unsocial scaling in/scaling out feature, distinctive to Carbon DeFi, enables trading wrong designated terms brackets, making it cleanable for gradually entering oregon exiting a position. For instance, 1 could acceptable an bid to bargain ETH if its terms dips into the $2300-$2000 range, eliminating the request to clip the marketplace oregon telephone the nonstop apical oregon bottom.
  • Limit Orders: This accepted instrumentality allows traders to specify precise bargain oregon merchantability prices, mirroring the functionality of a centralized exchange. Additionally, determination are nary trading oregon state fees incurred connected orders that person been executed.
  • Overlapping Liquidity: A blase advancement of concentrated liquidity that allows users to make positions wrong immoderate terms scope successful a state businesslike manner. In opposition to prototypical concentrated liquidity models, which person preset interest tiers, overlapping liquidity allows its creators to take their ain dispersed (AKA Fee). Simulator capabilities coming soon!

Dr. Mark Richardson– Project Lead astatine Bancor

The simulator began arsenic a connection instrumentality — thing I could wield successful a gathering oregon during a presumption to picture and opposition Carbon DeFi with different protocols. Its repurposing arsenic a trading strategy back-testing instrumentality was obvious, but it has not forgotten its pedagogical practice entirely. Carbon DeFi is simply a extremist alteration successful the liquidity infrastructure, and to person an interactive assets disposable that helps to marque the protocol much accessible without referring to a Whitepaper oregon method documentation is astir apt conscionable what the manufacture needs much of.”

Embark connected a Journey of Advanced Trading

The Carbon DeFi Simulator is much than a tool; it’s a gateway to mastering trading strategies successful the cryptocurrency domain. Its motorboat underscores Bancor’s relation successful spearheading a caller epoch of DeFi, empowering traders with the captious cognition and resources needed for success.

Explore the possibilities with the Carbon DeFi Simulator and alteration your trading attack with data-driven insights and innovative features designed for the blase trader.

Visit CarbonDeFi.xyz/Simulate to acquisition however backtesting with humanities information tin refine your strategies, elevate your trading performance, and navigate the complexities of the marketplace with newfound confidence.

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