Bitcoin no longer in ‘easy mode’ — Expect a leverage wipeout, observers warn

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Traders with leveraged positions successful Bitcoin (BTC) could beryllium successful for a nasty astonishment arsenic the cryptocurrency faces a captious crossroads, which could spot the terms bounce successful antithetic directions, analysts warn. 

“The marketplace was successful casual mode, but close present intelligibly there’s excessively overmuch leverage and marketplace makers are having a tract time exploiting precocious emotions and degenerate behavior,” pseudonymous crypto trader Honeybadger said successful an April 11 post connected X.

“Market makers are having the champion clip ever chopping everyone up,” helium added.

Data from CoinGlass shows that $39 cardinal worthy of leveraged positions successful Bitcoin were liquidated implicit the past 24 hours, with a full of $18.38 cardinal successful agelong positions and $20.62 cardinal successful abbreviated positions.

Honeybadger pointed to the Bitcoin terms chart, which appears to beryllium forming a symmetrical triangle, indicating a neutral pattern, dissimilar a bullish ascending oregon bearish descending triangle, which traders tin usage to marque amended judgments of its direction.

Annotated Bitcoin terms illustration showing the enactment of a symmetrical triangle. Source: Honeybadger

He believes traders mightiness prematurely construe it arsenic a “retest of the triangle,” prompting them to participate agelong positions with precocious confidence. He warns these traders could beryllium caught disconnected defender with a fakeout — erstwhile the terms concisely moves retired of a illustration signifier but rapidly retracts.

Mechanism Capital co-founder Andrew Kang is much optimistic, believing the upward inclination volition proceed into caller all-time highs pursuing the Bitcoin halving connected April 20.

“I expect BTC to interaction $80K by May,” helium said successful an April 11 post connected X.

Bitcoin is presently trading astatine $70,500, having tested its enactment level of $68,500 3 times successful the past week, per CoinMarketCap data.

Bitcoin’s terms has hovered betwixt $66,100 and $72,520 implicit the past 7 days. Source: CoinMarketCap

On April 10, Bitcoin’s terms concisely dropped 3% beneath the enactment level pursuing the merchandise of United States ostentation data, which disappointed galore observers.

Recently, the marketplace witnessed a abrupt 5% drawdown successful the terms of Bitcoin from $69,450 to $65,970 connected April 2, which saw $50 cardinal of Bitcoin agelong positions liquidated.

Source: Ben Werkman

However, the summation successful leveraged positions taken by traders implicit the past fewer days shows that different akin 5% driblet volition person a overmuch greater interaction connected agelong positions.

If Bitcoin’s existent terms increases by 5% to $73,819, astir $2.14 cardinal successful abbreviated positions volition beryllium liquidated, arsenic per CoinGlass data.

Gold proponent and Bitcoin professional Peter Schiff claims determination are “way excessively many” radical with agelong positions successful Bitcoin with excessively overmuch assurance that “they can’t lose.”

“Markets seldom enactment retired the mode speculators expect them to. More often than not they extremity up disappointed,” helium stated successful an April 11 post connected X.

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On the different hand, if Bitcoin’s terms drops by 5% to $66,671, astir $1.63 cardinal worthy of agelong positions volition beryllium liquidated.

Honeybadger stated that he’s staying connected the marketplace sidelines owed to volatility and isn’t disquieted astir missing retired connected terms dips successful the abbreviated term. Arthur Hayes recently echoed a akin sentiment, claiming that helium has decided to “abstain from trading until May” amid a imaginable crypto “firesale.”

“My strategy is to hold for the close infinitesimal and not to unreserved it. And if I americium wrong? Well astatine slightest I person protected my superior and I tin play drawback up later,” wrote Honeybadger.

Similarly, crypto trader Jelle advised his 78,500 X followers to beryllium connected their hands and not “get chopped up” by getting “rinsed connected leverage.”

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