Bitcoin's halving won't see a 600% return this year — so adjust your strategy

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The timepiece is ticking connected Bitcoin’s (BTC) halving and it appears the ETF mania has accelerated the timeline of its arrival. Indeed, we person conscionable a mates of weeks near earlier the large event. So it’s nary astonishment that the halving is each crypto investors and media tin speech astir close now. But portion we tin inactive expect immoderate predictable trading behaviour successful the aftermath of the large day, we’re present successful a precise antithetic marketplace that calls for antithetic trading strategies.

Over the past 3 cycles, the halving has been each astir the immense spike successful volatility. We would typically expect a sell-off of 30%-40%, followed by a stratospheric emergence to a caller all-time precocious within, connected average, 480 days of the halving date. This time, though, the spot Bitcoin ETF has changed everything.

To recognize wherever the terms of Bitcoin is going from here, it is the asset’s volatility that we request to look astatine much closely. Over caller months, we person seen the anticipated drawdowns arsenic pre-halving excitement builds. Yet these drawdowns person been anemic by erstwhile cycles’ standards. This time, Bitcoin’s corrections person been acold shallower, not exceeding 25%. Indeed, the latest drawdown was lone astir 15% earlier BTC bounced backmost erstwhile again toward the $70,000 mark.

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This much muted sell-off is simply a harbinger of a softer rally erstwhile we’re implicit the halving hump. There’s small uncertainty that Bitcoin volition spot the customary sell-off pursuing the halving, and it volition surely scope a caller all-time precocious after. Equally, returns volition inactive look a batch much breathtaking than they bash for, say, accepted equity holders. But don’t expect the much than 600% terms increases we saw aft the past halving successful 2020. Those days are over.

So wherefore is this happening? There are 2 factors astatine play here. Firstly, the percent of semipermanent Bitcoin holders has reached a grounds of astir 14 cardinal BTC — much than 70% of the full circulating proviso of 19,670,043 BTC. Over caller months, grounds amounts of BTC have been withdrawn from exchanges to acold wallets arsenic much and much holders follow a “diamond hands” approach.

Percentage of full Bitcoin proviso held by semipermanent holders, 2009-2024. Source: Glassnode

But what truly has led to a pronounced displacement successful behaviour is the accomplishment of the spot Bitcoin ETF. Today, ETFs are hoovering up much BTC proviso from the marketplace than miners tin supply. On average, spot BTC ETFs person taken successful astir 10,000 BTC per time since launch, portion miners are lone generating 900 caller BTC each day. This is exacerbating scarcity and starring to upward terms action.

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Crucially, though, this besides means a drastic driblet successful semipermanent volatility due to the fact that ETF investors are autumn much semipermanent minded than the mean crypto trader. Though we’ve seen a spike successful volatility precocious arsenic we attack the halving event, it remains good beneath levels we’ve witnessed during erstwhile halvings. CoinGlass information shows that the 30-day humanities BTC/USD volatility has dropped from a precocious of astir 18% successful April 2013 to astir 4% astatine the clip of writing. You’d expect to spot this percent connected a U.S. equity money factsheet, not a cryptocurrency terms chart.

Bitcoin terms (yellow) versus Bitcoin volatility (green), April 2013 done April 2024. Source: CoinGlass

This is due to the fact that the investors coming into the spot Bitcoin ETFs present are those aforesaid mom-and-pop investors and institutions who person poured trillions into S&P 500 ETFs. They are semipermanent holders for whom 3 years is the minimum concern term, and their decisions to bargain oregon merchantability an concern are dictated by semipermanent drivers, similar macroeconomic conditions, structural marketplace changes, and semipermanent instrumentality potential. 

So what does this mean for investors hoping to nett from the halving? They’ll person to deliberation a batch much similar the accepted equity capitalist than the crypto degen. They’ll person to swap Messari for Morningstar (a planetary supplier of information connected accepted funds) to gauge the ebbs and flows of spot Bitcoin ETF assets nether management. They’ll person to support 1 oculus firmly fixed connected what semipermanent holders are doing, due to the fact that they are present the ones successful the driving seat.

And if they privation those 600% returns, they’ll person to look elsewhere. That’s not what we’ll spot aft this Bitcoin halving. The trade-off, though, volition beryllium steadier, much reliable returns that won’t skew the volatility illustration of a emblematic balanced portfolio retired of each proportion. And for astir investors, this is simply a overmuch much appealing imaginable than an plus that has a 50/50 accidental of going to the satellite oregon disappearing completely.

Lucas Kiely is the main concern serviceman for Yield App, wherever helium oversees concern portfolio allocations and leads the enlargement of a diversified concern merchandise range. He was antecedently the main concern serviceman astatine Diginex Asset Management, and a elder trader and managing manager astatine Credit Suisse successful Hong Kong, wherever helium managed QIS and Structured Derivatives trading. He was besides the caput of exotic derivatives astatine UBS successful Australia.

This nonfiction is for wide accusation purposes and is not intended to beryllium and should not beryllium taken arsenic ineligible oregon concern advice. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed present are the author’s unsocial and bash not needfully bespeak oregon correspond the views and opinions of Cointelegraph.

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