Dencun Mainnet Announcement

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March 12, 2024 update: Since the archetypal work of this post, respective lawsuit teams person made Dencun-compatible releases containing important show and stableness improvements. While antecedently announced versions are inactive considered capable for the upgrade, a file has been added to the Client Releases tables highlighting the latest recommended versions for each clients.

  • Mainnet blobs are coming .oO: Two years aft its ETHDenver inception, dozens of investigating calls and devnets later, protodanksharding is yet going unrecorded connected mainnet!
  • Dencun volition activate connected the Ethereum mainnet astatine epoch 269568, occurring connected March 13, 2024 astatine 13:55 UTC. Node operators & stakers indispensable upgrade their bundle to releases listed successful this announcement.
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The Dencun web upgrade has successfully activated connected each testnets. It is present acceptable for deployment connected the Ethereum mainnet and volition activate connected the web astatine epoch 269568, occurring connected March 13, 2024 astatine 13:55 UTC.

The upgrade, which follows past year's Shapella upgrade, includes respective changes, astir notably the instauration of ephemeral information blobs with EIP-4844, besides known arsenic "protodanksharding", which volition assistance trim L2 transaction fees.

If you'd similar to travel the upgrade arsenic it happens, delight articulation the community livestream.

Upgrade Specification

The Dencun upgrade combines changes to some Ethereum's statement and execution layers. The afloat database of protocol changes tin beryllium recovered successful EIP-7569. For reference, they are:

  • EIP-1153: Transient retention opcodes
  • EIP-4788: Beacon artifact basal successful the EVM
  • EIP-4844: Shard Blob Transactions
  • EIP-5656: MCOPY - Memory copying instruction
  • EIP-6780: SELFDESTRUCT lone successful aforesaid transaction
  • EIP-7044: Perpetually Valid Signed Voluntary Exits
  • EIP-7045: Increase Max Attestation Inclusion Slot
  • EIP-7514: Add Max Epoch Churn Limit
  • EIP-7516: BLOBBASEFEE opcode


Complete python specifications for changes affecting Ethereum's statement furniture tin beryllium recovered successful the deneb folder of the ethereum/consensus-specs repository.


The EIPs linked supra incorporate the afloat specifications for changes affecting Ethereum's execution layer.

Additionally, a python specification for these is being implemented successful the ethereum/execution-specs repository.

Lastly, Deneb requires changes to the Engine API, utilized for connection betwixt the statement and execution furniture nodes. These are specified successful the file of the ethereum/execution-apis repository.

Client Releases

The pursuing lawsuit releases enactment Dencun connected the Ethereum mainnet. The Minimum Version file indicates the lowest Dencun-compatible merchandise for a lawsuit portion the Recommended Version file highlights the latest recommended mentation for it. Recommended Version releases typically incorporate show and stableness improvements. If upgrading from a Minimum to Recommended version, marque definite to work merchandise notes. Releases with important breaking changes person not been listed arsenic Recommended.

When choosing which lawsuit to run, validators should beryllium particularly mindful of the risks of moving a bulk lawsuit connected either the execution furniture (EL) oregon statement furniture (CL). An explainer of these risks and their consequences tin beryllium recovered here. An estimation of existent EL and CL lawsuit organisation and guides for switching from 1 lawsuit to different tin beryllium recovered here.

Consensus Layer Mainnet Releases

Note: erstwhile moving a validator, some the Consensus Layer Beacon Node and Validator Client indispensable beryllium updated.

Execution Layer Mainnet Releases


  • While Reth supports Dencun, the lawsuit is undergoing a afloat audit and may not beryllium suitable for each accumulation usage cases. See the Reth README for much context.


As an Ethereum idiosyncratic oregon Ether holder, is determination thing I request to do?

In short, no. You tin articulation america connected the livestream to ticker it each hap live!

If you usage an exchange, integer wallet oregon hardware wallet you bash not request to bash thing unless you are informed to instrumentality further steps by your speech oregon wallet provider.

If you tally your ain Ethereum node, spot the adjacent question.

As a non-staking node operator, what bash I request to do?

To beryllium compatible with the mainnet Dencun upgrade, update your node's execution and statement furniture clients to the versions listed successful the array above.

As a staker, what bash I request to do?

To beryllium compatible with the mainnet Dencun upgrade, update your node's execution and statement furniture clients to the versions listed successful the array above. Make definite some your beacon node and validator lawsuit are updated, arsenic good arsenic immoderate outer dependencies, specified arsenic outer artifact gathering software.

Additionally, stakers who privation to tally done the upgrade process much times earlier mainnet are encouraged to usage, which present supports Dencun.

What happens if I americium a staker oregon node relation and I bash not enactment successful the upgrade?

If you are utilizing an Ethereum lawsuit that is not updated to the latest mentation (listed above), your lawsuit volition sync to the pre-fork blockchain erstwhile the upgrade occurs.

You volition beryllium stuck connected an incompatible concatenation pursuing the aged rules and volition beryllium incapable to nonstop Ether oregon run connected the post-Dencun Ethereum network.

As an exertion oregon tooling developer, what should I do?

Review the EIPs included successful Dencun to find if and however they impact your task --- determination are galore caller breathtaking features being introduced crossed some the execution and statement layers! The lone EIPs with backwards compatibility implications are EIP-6780, EIP-7044 and EIP-7514.

Why "Dencun"?

Upgrades to the statement furniture usage prima names, and those to the execution furniture travel Devcon metropolis names. "Dencun" is the operation of Deneb, a first-magnitude prima successful the Cygnus constellation, and Cancun, the determination for Devcon 3.

Thank you to everyone who helped bring the blobs into existence, (nearly) escaped america of SELFDESTRUCT and mostly present 1 much large overhaul to the Ethereum web .oO!

Original screen representation by Darren Lawrence, with modifications by Tomo Saito.

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