Astar zkEVM Confirm February Launch With Yoki Origins Campaign

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Astar Network, a fashionable Japanese web3 level with planetary ambitions, person announced that their Polygon-powered Astar zkEVM volition motorboat successful precocious February.

The Astar zkEVM – the archetypal to usage Polygon’s Chain Development Kit – volition supply web3 projects with a secure, scalable, and gas-efficient level to standard their experiences, whilst benefitting from the inherent information and tooling disposable connected Ethereum.

Working with implicit 40 web3 projects, the Astar zkEVM volition motorboat alongside their ‘Yoki Origins’ campaign, wherever users tin gain exclusive NFTs created by Astar Network successful collaboration with their assorted partners.

Our 1st Edition Capsule is present unfastened to the @XO_app assemblage 👽

The archetypal web3 friend-making app connected Astar zkEVM.

1️⃣ Sign up beneath for your accidental to assertion your NFT capsule! 👇

— Astar Network (@AstarNetwork) January 31, 2024

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