Art Blocks Snags Sansa Marketplace to Refine Its Art Hub

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The Sansa-Art Blocks Alliance

Launched successful November 2022, Sansa excels successful casual creation discovery, supporting artists with visibility and royalties portion offering collectors diverse, curated integer creation collections for a refined browsing experience. The level has sold implicit 1,300 pieces, with income exceeding $2.2 million.

Conversely, established earlier, successful 2020, Art Blocks is simply a groundbreaking generative creation level connecting artists and collectors. In March 2023, it launched an exclusive NFT marketplace with a beardown absorption connected ensuring just creator royalties, akin to Sansa. 

🧵 Hey y’all. In effect to diminishing enforcement of creator royalties, we launched our ain secondary market… It’s a large deal, and you tin effort it retired connected our newest Curated release, Cargo: Let’s get started and find retired wherefore this matters truthful overmuch 👇

— Art Blocks (@artblocks_io) March 29, 2023

Art Blocks’ portfolio boasts landmark NFT projects specified arsenic Calderon’s ‘Chromie Squiggles’, Tyler Hobbs’ ‘Fidenza’, and Dmitri Cherniak’s ‘Ringers’, which secured a mighty $6.2 cardinal astatine a Sotheby’s auction successful June 2023.

Now, the celebrated creation hub seeks to broaden its scope and collector experiences. This is wherever Sansa comes in, enhancing assemblage engagement and fostering caller insights into generative creation instauration wrong the platform.

While Art Blocks remains the superior focus, determination are ongoing endeavors to merge these salient generative creation platforms. It’s besides worthy noting that — astatine slightest for the clip being — Sansa’s app volition proceed to run independently.

Collaboration betwixt Art Blocks and Sansa is fueled by their communal purpose to bolster creator communities and heighten the idiosyncratic experience, indicating a important power connected the NFT and integer creation scene.

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