Alien Worlds Turn the Page with ‘Starblind’ NFT Comics

2 months ago 61

Dacoco’s blockchain gaming sensation, Alien Worlds, is unfolding tales and CryptoArt connected the Polygon web done its captivating bid of NFT comics, ‘Starblind’.

Cleverly crafted by Lightning Works, a constricted proviso of 10,000 Starblind comics is present up for grabs connected Lightning’s marketplace until February 21. Each mentation features a saga spanning six planets, with covers showcasing up to 4 bold and charismatic characters.

For enthusiastic Web3 gamers and creation lovers alike, the accidental is ripe to get an NFT comic and prosecute successful the ‘Quantum Apocalypse Challenge’ — person a changeable astatine winning Alien Worlds’ prized ‘Legendary Quantum Drill’ NFT!

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